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PSG Sleep Scoring Services in Tamilnadu

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Seyyone, basically a services company has been rendering various services to clients in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Germany since 1999.Seyyone offers services in Medical Records Summarization , Medical Transcription , IT Incubation Center, Ambulatory Services, Sleep Scoring Services, PSG Polysomnography, Accounting Services Technical & Customer Support Revenue cycle management. Seyyone vastly serves healthcare customers in the above countries. The stringent quality requirements and critical turn around time expectations of the customers have molded Seyyone over a decade as a company known for its quality, timeliness, cost effectiveness and customer-centric approach.

Today apart from health care back of services seyyone renders BPO/KPO ,PSG Polysomnography Services, Software Testing,Sleep scoring Services,IT Incubation center, Ambulatory Services, Statistical Analysis and Accounting Services


Seyyone has grown over a period of time mainly because of the references from its delighted customers. Started with a single client in Texas, USA in 2001, Seyyone today has multiple clients in 18 different states in the USA alone and this organic growth by word of mouth by and references from its delighted customers is a testimony to its impeccable record of reliable and quality service. The ability & the management to retain and nurture good talents make it a winner to render a delightful consistent services  More


Quality Care

Quality is a passion at Seyyone, QC is processed with skilled and highly experienced professionals and adoption of well-defined work procedures ensures accurate, timely, and complete process management services.

Seyyone ensures / offers

- Customizable, tailor-made services
- Dedicated team to work for you
- Multi level quality assurance
- Consistent reliable service
- End-to-end back-office services
- HIPAA compliant procedures
- EMR interfacing capability