ICD-10 coding

Seyyone is now ready to help you with ICD-10 coding, both for inpatients and outpatients. Seyyone has an impressive, highly trained coding team with excellent knowledge in ICD-10 that can help you out with ICD-10 transition and it assures 100% accurate coding with all your specific requirements fulfilled.

Quality is a passion at Seyyone. Seyyone has understood from its experience with international clients that the underlying factor for existence and growth is impeccable quality. Seyyone has 100% graduate workforce and it ensures quality of its processes and outcome through continuous training, practice and auditing.


  • Stop worrying about retraining your staff to cope with ICD-10 changes.
  • Accurate ICD-10/CPT coding will ensure no rejection of claims.
  • Reduce your administrative burden and expenses.
  • Submit your claims on time.
  • Optimize and realize your revenue faster.
  • Comply with meaningful use of EMR.
  • Get personalized services.

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