Patient’s Handout/Plan – Remote Printing

How wonderful it would be to send the patients off complete with all formalities.

One of the biggest challenges faced by practices is completing the visit of the patient with the personalized patients’ handout and plan.

With the EMR incomplete before the patient leaves the practice, it is impossible to send him/her off with his/her handouts. Hence the front office has to print it later once the provider completes updating the visit details in EMR. She has to then waste considerable amount of time in printing and mailing it out.

Seyyone, with the remote medical scribe, completing the EMR operation as the provider sees the patient, can print the patients’ handouts from remote and the same shall be handed over to the patient by the front office as the patient leaves.

This is important and makes the visit complete:

  • Get the plan/handout printed and hand it over to the patients as they leave
  • Save time to choose and fill the templates for the handout
  • Save printing time.
  • Save time to prepare the mailing cover
  • Save postage expenses
  • Avoid follow-up calls
  • Urinalysis updation before midnight your time, so that bill & super bill is done the same day.

Assuming that 10 providers seeing around 5000 patients visits per year each, the direct saving on mailing stamp alone would be

5000 patients per year x 10 providers @50 cents = $25,000 + stationary + staff time.