A Urology Client,

I am reading the note on this patient before seeing him today and it is excellent. These patients who come in for surveillance cystoscopy with a hx of bladder cancer are difficult to follow because of a long and complicated history on many occasions with BCG treatments, positive cytologies, negative cytologies, positive biopsies for high grade, positive biopsies for low grade cancer, etc. This summary is really helpful.


Dann K. Leonard,

Thx for all of your help. You’re a good team mate.

MD, Plastic Surgeon

Katie Messman

Thank you for continuing to do a wonderful job with our transcription!

Great job! I’m impressed. Thank you so much! I’m excited that this transition is turning out to be easier than I was expecting.

Office Manager, Julie E. York MD

Alan Hay

Just wanted to say again how happy we all are with your team’s work. I just spoke to Dr. Mhoon who again said how good your team’s efforts are and how helpful the Reason For Visit summaries are to him. Dr. Crane agreed. Have a great day and weekend

MD, Urologist, WU

Marilyn Senft

I wanted to thank you for your excellent service.

ENT Practice, Nanaimo, Canada

Dr. Gerry Martin

The transcription is excellent and the change has been positive in every aspect.

Nanaimo, BC, Canada

Willamette Urology

Hi, Today I had a busy schedule and little down time. I was also “doctor of the day” and had perhaps twenty interruptions and yet I saw them all with lots of time to spare, felt I had a good handle on the information on each and had the notes done and the charges coded before 5 PM. Hats off to the Scribe team too.

Dr. Alan Hay

Willamette Urology

Hi all, Bashey, Jaffer here, I am really happy with preloading of the documentation. It is working just great, thanks a lot.

Dr. Jaffer Bashey

Westford Internal Medicine

We are very pleased with their ability to handle our volume, to turn it around quickly, and it is accurate as good as we were receiving already in the United States.


James P. Cohen, M.D.,

Dr. Vish

We feel your company is trustworthy and would like to give you the business instead of looking elsewhere and thanks for keeping up a high standard.


Plastic Surgeon’s office

We are very pleased with you and your team, and thank you for making it an easy transition.


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